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Data of the pilot for participation

ХXII  International Air Balloon Festival “Caucasian Mineral Waters – The Pearl of Russia 2023”  

The International Balloon Festival "Caucasian Mineral Waters are the Pearl of Russia" invite you to participate!

Hosting the event of the kind contributes to the development of domestic and incoming tourism as well as respectable positioning of Stavropol area at Russian and international markets as the region favourable for the development of tourism.

Among the festival participants there are pilots of hot air balloons from Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates, Belarus, Lithuania and Poland.

Moreover, in the framework of the festival the tournament "Russian Air Biathlon Cup" will be held!

Public organization "The Federation of Aeronautics of Stavropol area"

Accommodation facilities: Business Hotel "Mask" Zheleznovodsk

Dear pilot!

Organization Committee of the Festival and Federation of Air Ballooning of Stavropol krai invite you to take part in Festival of Air Balloons in spa-cities of Pyatigorsk  “Caucasian Mineral Waters – The Pearl of Russia 2019”, which will be held from September 9 to September 16, 2023 in Caucasus Mineral Waters region, Russia.  The judging uses loggers.

Pilots will compete for the main festival prize – “ Golden ring of air ballooning”

Festival framework includes V Air Biathlon Cup and Fedor  Konyukhov Cup.
Terms of participation:
- Pilots accommodation and one crew members in two or three bedroom rooms at “Mask” hotel in Inozemtsevo town  – charge free – breakfast, lunch and dinner for a crew of three including a pilot;

Gas supply, flight directions – free;
A crew of three participation in celebrations;
Number of air balloons – participants – 15, applications are accepted up to August 1st, 2023
Organization committee shall have the right to place one or two passengers in a balloon basket;  
-    Participants shall place advertisements on the basket and the shell of the balloon
-    In case a pilot rejects advertisement and passengers provided by the organization committee, he pays for accommodation and food

-    In case a pilot places webbing commercials from other parties on basket or shell, he then shall entirely pay for accommodation, food and gas

-    Pilot shall take part in demo flights and raising of balloons of the Festival (Night Glare and Demo take-offs)

-    Pilots check-in is September 9th 2023 at “Mask” hotel, address: Inozemtsevo, Promyshlennyi pereulok, 3, till 15-00.

-    Tech commission will be held during first  balloon take-off on September 17th 2023.

-    To register a pilot shall provide pilot aerostatic certificate (national license);
-     Certificate of registration; a valid certificate of airworthiness, insurance against damage to third parties – no less than 250 000 RUR; pilot’s and crew member, flight book with mileage not less than 30 hours in free flights as aircraft commander;
-    Balloon ; gas cell certificate; balloons should be equipped with: fire extinguisher; first aid kit; variometer and altimeter; radio station with frequency range from 118 to 135 МHZ; a spare halyard length not less than 25 meters and breaking load not less than 1500 kilograms;
Pilot passes to organizers a bail for given shooting and navigation equipment for the amount of 12000 RUR
-    Bail is given back when the working equipment is given to organizers.

If you have decided to take part in the second Air Biathlon Cup and 19th Air Balloon Festival in the spa-city of Pyatigorsk, we would kindly request you to send us an application form with copies of documents (pilot license with necessary info) until 1st August 2019 to email address:  11500@list.ru, we shall not register you without those documents.
For preliminary registration you can send an application form in free form
Sincerely, organization committee

President of the Federation of Air Ballooning of Stavropol krai
Vitalyii Nenashev