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Инстаграм Hotballoon

Information for participants

Structure of participants
Requirements to participants:
1. Existence of the existing license of the pilot of a balloon
2. The general flight time on a balloon more than 30 hours.

Number of participants of competitions of 15 teams of balloons.
Registration returnable contribution of 200 euro. (Pledge for loss or damage of the shooting equipment or trackers)
The pilots declared after formation of lists from 15 participants are provided only with gas, cards, in case of their participation in competitions.
Organizers provide such teams with the necessary equipment.
Reception conditions:
Accommodation in comfortable hotel according to the scheme 1 pilot + 2 crew members.
Three meals a day for participants (15 teams)
Providing with maps.
Providing with electronic shooting arms.
Obligatory participation in a HAB night luminescence and hire of 1-2 passengers during participation in competitions in each flight. (For the teams living at the expense of organizers)

Change of conditions during the preparatory period, increase in number of participants at the expense of organizers and change of terms of carrying out towards increase is possible.
Structure of participants of the XXI International aeronautic festival "Caucasian Mineral — the Pearl of Russia 2019" in the city the resort of Essentuki